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How to Share the Gospel Online

Back in 2012, I developed this list of things I do to share the gospel with others via the Internet. I've been updating it since then. This post is my effort to share this list more broadly so more people can benefit.

I felt personally called by God to create this list. This stemmed from being told by friends and acquaintances that they didn't know how to share the gospel online. Even people who had skills with Facebook or Twitter weren't sure what they could be doing to share the gospel. Those who didn't have much experience with sharing on the Internet also felt overwhelmed. Therefore, I put together the following list to show that even in a few minutes you can share the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who are seeking truth and "know not where to find it." Through inbound marketing, we can be more effective than knocking on doors. Those who are searching (in search engines) for the truth will be led to us if we are open about our beliefs, an…

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