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Why God Asks Anything of Me

For just a moment, think about everything that is good in your life. The things you have, the house you live in, your children and all your family, your friends, What do you think all of this is worth? 
When I ponder this, I remember that I owe God everything I have, because all of it is a blessing from him. Through God’s help, we found our house. Through God’s help, we have had gainful employment. Thanks be to God for my friends, my family, my safety and health. 
In essence, God has given me everything I have. I owe God 100%.
Does God Need Anything? Now, here’s what’s interesting. God, our Heavenly Father, has infinite resources. He doesn’t need money, for example. He doesn't need anything from us. God can raise a mountain or turn water into wine.

If He is so omnipotent and can obtain anything He would possibly need, why would He ask anything of us? Why would God ask me to help my neighbor when He can wave his wand? Or, why do we have to pay tithing when God can just raise a chu…

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